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here is all the modems available at the moment just incase you wanted to switch em out. As we get more modems in the future i will update this post

UPDATE:Thanks to the very generous, hard working mad_fitter we all now have flashable versions of these modems.

you can get them here:

KF2- (thanks to chadster for extraction)

just put the flashable version in your sdcard go into CWM and flash away

thanks again for this mad!!!

Mad_fitter for making the flashable(very important )
godofwar(for pushing me to do this)
and the rest of the community

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Ha ha ha!!!! You beat me! I was just doing the same thing!!

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werddd. If you live in the southeast (I live in Atlanta), the kf2 modem SUCKS... It could just be me, but i was getting great signals around town on kd1. I thought the poor performance was just because it was a leak... but i've noticed other people have said it's better than kd1. The weird thing is, i flew to Modesto, CA today and i'm getting great signals.

No response needed, just thought i'd put it out there.
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