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[Mods] Jakebitesmods V18 For D2 Ota Gb Kernel All Roms! [Mods]

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JakebitesModsv18 for all ROMS with the D2/DX OTA GB Kernel

This can be flashed over any new OTA GB ROM unless the kernel changes!
Guys and gals, if you like my mods please mark as installed and rate! It makes me happy.


If you flash this onto a:
Droid 2 froyo kernel
DX froyo kernel
Droid 2 GB LEAK Kernel (Get the OTA!)
you will bootloop due to the way the InteractiveX Governor has to be activated.

What's new?

-Added toggle for new build.prop values
-Added check for new build.prop values
-Fixed permissions problem in v17

-Added zipalign applet for zipalign to funtion properly

-Updated Superuser.apk to match binary
-Updated installer-script
-Updated build.prop values:
wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = 120
# Increase battery saving potential
# Force lock home into memory
-Updated busybox chooser
-1.19.0 (Compiled by Imoseyon)
-1.19.3 (Full version)

-Updated su binary to latest
-Added busybox chooser menu:
1.16.2(Miui's BB)
1.17.1(Liberty/ZS's BB)
1.19.3(CM7's BB)

-Updated menus to look better and be more organized
-Fixed the bug with "+JBMvXX" showing with multiple flashes
-Added minfree tweaks as default
-Updated Busybox to version 1.19.3
-Added Busybox checker
-Removed Zeppelinrox's mods per his request

-Changed the way it installs to make it compatible with GB OTA based roms, such as Liberty, Apex, or Mobile_Sensei's roms.
-Added 3G Super Charger v3 RC1 by zeppelinrox's
-Updated V6 Super Charger to v9 RC 3.2 by zeppelinrox's

-Added debounce mod for the onscreen keyboard, activated at boot at 10 m/s (Credit to milestone dev Micheal Gernoth)

V12: Big update!
-Condensed mod files in /system/etc/init.d back into 99mods to remove some clutter
-Renamed 99recovery to 01recovery to make it the first script run
-Added toggling sdcard and system speedups for the users having issues with the sdcard
-Load all modules at boot except interactive and interactivex and make changing between govs (besides interactiveX) instant
-Added newest Superuser.apk and su binary to zip (3.0)
-Soft boot option in main menu
-Should have fixed all MIUI issues, but who knows. It keeps surprising me with more. Let me know about that one.
-Added 1.15 ghz oc option
-Made more menus to make text easier on the eyes
-Updated busybox to version 1.90.0 but kept the old one as well to be compatable with v6 supercharger (credit to imoseyon)
-Checkmods got a major overhaul, you can now check each mod by itself or all at once. Also it scrolls nicer when checking all.
-Donate option in the script now if you'd like to show your support!

-Both Superuser.apk and the su binary is now included so there can be absolutely no problems any more.(really starting to annoy me)
-Removed the titanium backup apk I had accidentally put in the last build.

-Should work with MIUI GB now, the losing su should no longer be an issue.
-Changed how the build.prop is edited, It takes whats already there and adds "+JBMv10"
-Added the ability to change governors in modcentral, your choices are:


-Added a check to make interactiveX gov not load when using Jrummys Android Overclock app as some were having issues.

-Fixed all known bugs
-Split init files up to make sure all mods are run at boot

-Fixed recovery on boot option
-Backup and restore or build.prop when disabling and re-enabling mods

-Completely universal zip file for all Droid 2 and Droid X OTA GB ROMS
-Ability to disable/re-enable all mods in modcentral
-Fixed V6 Supercharger error
-Changed the wifi scan time from 300 to 180, some people were having issues with that value

On the first boot it will appear to bootloop, this is only to reboot the system to make the build.prop edits load on first boot. DON'T BE ALARMED! I DIDN'T BREAK YOUR PHONE!

-Even more modcentral code cleanup
-Added init support for Stock or ROMS without

Open modcentral, run checkmods, if no init support, run the new init script!

-More code cleanup of modcentral:
-checkmods now checks for ALL mods and also displays CPU info
-After setting a new OC/UV it will show you the new CPU info
-Added an option to have CWM recovery boot on each reboot


-Updated the InteractiveX to work with the D2 GB OTA
-ModCentral script got a MAJOR overhaul:
-Huge code cleanup
-Fixed checkmods up
-Overclocking/undervolting added: 1ghz, 1.1ghz, 1.2ghz, 1.25ghz, 1.3ghz
-Disable overclocking and undervolting script
-Fail-safe recovery script, never brick from trying an overclock!
-CPU info script that include voltages
-Fixed v6 supercharger settings not sticking at boot

Coded for 7 hours straight today, enjoy it!

-Updated build.prop to work with Rev's new nightlys
-Combined all of my scripts into one!:
Customize which tweaks you would like to enable and disable through my new script
Also included in the new script is zeppelinrox's V6 Supercharger(v8), the OP for this mod can be found here:

Open a root shell and type in: modcentral
And enjoy!

-New script: checkmods - makes sure all the mods installed properly
-Upped the volts on the underclock script by 2 volts per slot as some were having issues
That's it for now

Init.d support:

-InteractiveX gov by default
Interactive governor but clocks itself down to 300mhz when in sleep mode by itself (Credit to Imoseyon)

-Cron support
Flushes vm caches twice a day (3am and 3pm) to compensate for the sysctl tweaks

-Sysctl support
vm.dirty_ratio = 90
vm.dirty_background_ratio = 70
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 30
vm.oom_kill_allocating_task = 1
vm.min_free_kbytes = 4096

-Zipaligned on each boot

-Logger disabled
Comment it and reboot to re-enable

-File system speedups (Credit to Imoseyon)

-Sdcard speed boost (Credit to Imoseyon)

Other mods:

-Updated busybox to 1.19.3 with working wget, sysctl and cron

-build.prop tweaks:
wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = 180
ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=750 from rom)+JBMv16

Type in a root shell

sysrw - Mounts the system read/write

sysro - Mounts the system read only

modcentral - Everything!

md5: 5c0ee842e2ff52e032e7ed4645f370e7​

You don't need to wipe anything, just flash right over the top of whichever build you're running.

If you like my work please consider donating!!

Files added:



/system/etc/init.d/99check (temp file)



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Did it let you into modcentral before? Because after I set something it did the same thing but I remembered jake saying to reboot after setting undervolt from terminal emulator, I did and now its fine.
I have a question. Some of you I'm sure are aware of the LG G2X and the Nvidia drivers, for those that arent, apparently if you have a G2X and you install Nvidia drivers and a specific recovery you can ALWAYS boot into recovery. No matter what, bootloops, whatever you can throw at the thing you can always get back into recovery, someone correct me if im wrong of course. Now for the question, I'm aware its not really an option for us due to the bootloader but isn't there anything we can do to get closer to this like flash a zip after a rom install containing a similar script as the one jake wrote for overclocking that would allow us to hijack stock recovery and force clockwork just incase we do something dumb? Its not that I dont like to sbf, I'm very grateful we have this tool but it would be nice, just sayin, and just wondering.
Awesome! thanks for the recovery script! Its exactly what I was talking about. You made it so much simpler than how I was trying to explain it.
Redflea said:
Oops...piled on there. ;-)
I dont think you piled it on that bad, I'm an option 9 user myself.
"jakebites said:
Haha v9 tonight. I can't stop :p
Are we gonna have to come to your house and hog tie you just so you can rest?
I too am getting really iffy battery life, whether or not I use jakes mods (which I love by the way) , if I use quickclock my base vsel is 14, jakes is 20 of course but I prefer to use jakes mods for now, what I find weird is I'll be at 80%, plug my phone in for 2 seconds and im at 100%, ive wiped stats, let it die, battery calibrators, everything and I still have the OLD battery bug we had on froyo, anyone else?

Oh look! i'm an android lover now! my wife could have told you that!
manchucka said:
Best not to let lithium ion batteries discharge completely. These aren't the old days of nickel-cadmium. But keep performing heinous crimes. It's the 90s, after all.
hey I was desparete.....wait, I hate you. :), well whats the harm then?
for the record, I wasn't trying to "cycle" the battery, that would be retarded, I was however trying suggestions other people have tried regarding battery stats, bump charging, ect. my battery is still reading weird. So what do you recommend then?
"jakebites said:
What would you all like to be added in the future? I'm running out of ideas of my own. :p
Fm radio if possible
1 - 8 of 1064 Posts
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