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JakebitesModsv22 for the Galaxy Nexus LTE/GSM

What's new?

-Added sdcard speedup at boot as a default mod
-Added check for sdcard speed up

-Cleaned up random text
-Disabled zipalign as a default mod for stock, non-deodexed systems as it was causing issues, it can still be enabled in the menus
-Added swap enabler option for kernels with swap support such as Imoseyons new Lean Kernel
-Added swap checker
(Got swap info from
-Added minfree value checker

-Updated to newest su binary to be compatible with new ROM's without breaking root
-Now installs 1.20.0 busybox (Complied by Imoseyon) upon install
-Added 1.20.0 to busybox choice menu

What is it?
A collection of mods I've found/used for quite a while now including:

-Busybox selector, between 1.17.2 and 1.19.0 at the moment. Will expand selection moving forward with updates. (1.19.0 is installed when flashing in recovery)
-Check mods menu
-Sysctl mods
-Cron mods
-Ziplaign Apks mod
-Disable logcat mod(increase performance, possibly saves battery)
-System speed up mod(Been testing in ICS, hard to notice a difference but I included it anyways)
-Enable init.d support for Roms without it
-Option to disable and re-enable mods
-Softboot option(May not work yet)
-Reboot option
-Donate option

How do I use this mod?
1) First, you will need to download it with the link provided below.
2) Next, install it in clockworkmod recovery

3) If your phone rebooted on the reboot coming from recovery then your Rom supports init.d on its own and the mods have been activated. You can also check the build number in About phone to see if it includes "+JBMvXX." Skip to step #6

4) If your phone did not reboot on the reboot coming from recovery and your build number in About phone does not include "+JBMvXX" then your Rom does not support init.d support. Lucky for you I have included a way to enable init.d on your device!

5) Open up terminal emulator and type the following to enable init.d support:


You should now see the modcentral main menu, select the option which allows you to enable init.d support. It will ask if you accept and run the script, then prompt for a reboot. If all went well then your phone should reboot twice and then boot up. You should now be able to see "+JBMvXX" in the build number in About phone.

6) To toggle individual mods, check mods, change busybox's, etc. you will need to go to the modcentral main menu. You can do this by opening up terminal emulator and typing this:

Here you will be able to have full control over all of the mods installed on your phone! All in all, there should be an increase in performance and battery life which may or may not be noticeable. Please feel free to leave and feedback and report bugs. Enjoy!

Much of my work was derived from the work of Imoseyon. He is an awesome dev!



md5sum: d53cf5eca705cdfa3ff704a1709481eb​

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, flashing this is a choice that you have made and if something breaks it is not my fault.

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Had these in the CDMA section for a while, just figured I'd also put them here for people that don't look there. It is a cross compatible mod though!

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It shouldn't have a negative effect but if you want to try you can always disable it in the modcentral menu via terminal in v22.
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