You may have heard about the almost legendary Nokia Android device known only as Normandy. Not to long ago photos surfaced showing the purported Nokia Android device and now thanks to @seamissu on twitter we have more than just some renders to speculate about. We are still longing to see more information on this device but the engineering prototype pictured above is a perfect match for the earlier shown renders. This time we can actually see it booted.

The UI on the right looks nothing like our beloved Android which means either it isn't , or Nokia has gone a very long way to add their own custom UI over the Android OS. Of course we would like to see a more premium high end Nokia Android device but at least we are getting a lot closer to definitive proof that Nokia's Normandy is in fact running Android. EvleaksES has also been a vital source of information on Normandy. Check out their latest photo below.

It appears from these that the Normandy will also come in a full range of colors in typical Nokia fashion. Are you looking forward to more info on Normandy? Stay tuned. It looks like one may be coming to fruition after all.

Source: seamissu twitter via PocketNow