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[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]Hello Friends,[/background]

[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]I am herewith sharing the rom that I just ported to my backflip. I am unable to post in the roms section may be mods can move it there... [/background]

[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]So, here I present the Lewa OS port for the Motorola Backflip based on the 17-08-2012 build (Lewa OS 2.0).[/background]


Download links:

[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]- All the developers involved in getting cm working on the backflip[/background]
[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]- Cyanogenmod[/background]
[background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]- Lewa Team[/background]
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