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Hello all, first and foremost I want to say thanks for all the help you guys provide. I try my hardest to be able to solve my problems based on other peoples posts and answers, but I think I'm at my limit. I'll try and describe the problem as best I can, as I really don't know what I can do from this point. Last night I decided to root my MyTouch 4g Slide, and I used Hasoon2000's All-In-One Toolkit (You're probably familiar with it, but I thought I'd be detailed) and I successfully unlocked it, gained Super User, and then I decided to flash an ICS rom.

The only problem is, I thought unlocking my phone meant it would be S-Off, but it was still S-On. So I tried to flash the rom from recovery, without taking the boot.img file out (again, I didn't know I had to hboot/flashboot it. So many boots to keep track of..) and after I rebooted the phone, it would get to the MyTouch 4G Slide splash screen, but it just hangs there, without actually booting. After about 6 straight hours of lurking forums and trying to piece together what information I could, I thought it best to just reinstall the stock rom and stop trying to be a pro. So I formatted the sd card on my laptop (built-in card reader) and I placed the full stock rom on the root of the sd card. The problem now is when I boot into bootloader on the phone, it recognizes the rom, but it says "Battery Voltage too low. Please change a battery". Aside from the slightly funny Engrish, I don't know what to do from here. I figured I would just let it charge overnight, so I went to sleep and woke up to see a green light at the top.

Then I unpluged it and it wouldn't turn on, so I put the charger back in and the light is now orange. I just don't see how it doesnt have enough power to flash the stock rom when I had it on the charger for so long. Since it went from a green to orange light, I was able to get it to turn on and get to recovery, so i did a full wipe and i formatted battery stats, thinking it would help. The phone is currently on the charger, with an orange steady light. I can still get to recovery and bootloader. Any and all help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting a new job in a week, and I'll really be needing my phone. Once again, thanks in advance for any and all support you guys can provide. =)
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