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Well, I set my Sensation down for a bit as I had gotten a new toy a few days ago but hadn't opened it yet. Anyway long story short, it shipped S-On to my dismay. BUT... I did get temp root on it and will post instructions and a Linux script and Windows batch to assist in temp rooting as well as a gscript lite set up to temp root on boot so no need for a PC.... CR

EDIT: Here is the first round, a Linux script and all the needed files. Just extract the package and run the script from a terminal within the extracted directory. I borrowed most of this from Eugene_373's Sensation batch files for Winbloze and will be incorporating more of his hacks for the Sensation, into the MT4GS, as I like what he had done there. (Thanks Eugene!) I started mine, which works, and then realized his vendor/bin method would be ideal and so I used that instead. Big thanks to @Agrabren for the fre3vo exploit!! I set the script to run in -debug mode which will search all addresses for an exploit path and then once found initiate the exploit to prevent from the segmentation fault/signal errors I was getting on one of the Slides. Anyways, the "RootOnBoot" packages will be here tomorrow and I will post them for the Sensation as well. Have fun!!

PS: There is an error in the script but will not effect anything at this point, it will complete and you will have a # shell once ran. Titanium is tested and working. Use @Eugene_373's Root Explorer mod if you intend on using that.

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jdmarko said:
I don't see a link to the actual script... Was the link removed?
I don't think so ... it's here in his second paragraph for me:

ChiefzReloaded said:
EDIT: Here is the first round, a Linux script and all the needed files.
See the Dropbox link? Maybe you just didn't see it because it's just the one word.

ETA: But if you want the Windows version of the script, let me know. You do need to have adb up and running beforehand, and have the adb.exe file in your system path, before you run it, though. Or you can just do each of the adb commands by hand, of course.
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