We got a pleasant surprise on Friday by way of Namco-Bandai in the form of the legendary 3-D weapon fighting game Soul Calibur. This is a port of that awesome DreamCast (Arcade) classic and it brings the full experience to mobile devices. This game gave me a heavy does of nostalgia as I'm remembered by a few locally (especially at Gamestop) for taking out 78 straight opponents before quitting and going home. Needless to say this game is beloved by fans of series and many even remember the game Soul Edge that introduced the weapon wielding combat to us all way back in 1995.

Your favorite fighters including: Siegfried and his alter ego Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Taki, Maxi and Voldo are here and I must say the port runs extremely well. I didn't notice any frame drops or slow down on my Note 3 (Adreno 330, Snapdragon 800) but I would recommend a high end device for this game.The game costs $6.67 on Google Play and features all the characters and stages. It includes all of the single player and bonus artwork museum from the Dreamcast original as well.

Unfortunately, if you are itching to test my boast of incredible skills, you can not. There is no online multi-player. The games on-screen controller does work well but there is no controller support either. You have to wonder what Namco is thinking by omitting these key aspects and it does put a bit of a damper on the port.

Google Play games is supported for leader boards, but as of right now there is no mention of when we will be able to take on our friends in the quest of the legendary blade Soul Edge. Those disappointing parts aside this is one awesome port that I think is well worth the price tag. Let's hope Namco-Bandai updates this one soon to include these missing features.