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If you want your trusty old state for a backup, boot in to CWM, then make a nandroid. If you want to restore that nandroid you will need to already be on whichever kernel the nandroid is made on, so in your case if you were looking to update:

CWM -> make a backup
Flash whatever ROM you want.

Want to go back?
SBF to Froyo
Flash your nandroid

Feasibly, I believe this would be what you would be looking to do if you wanted. SBF's should take place to get you back and forth to the various kernels. I've never had a wont to do this, but it would make sense to me that this is what you would want to do, if you wanted to do it. However, it is my opinion that once you get on one of the newer GB ROMs, you will likely never look back to reverting to your previous one, especially with the recent updates which have been swamping the 2nd-init ROMs (cm7/MIUI)

Let us know if you need any help getting GB working once your up or with your new ROM. Its definitely a new environment, its a bit of a learning curve until you get used to it.
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