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Hey guys! i am looking to put together a group of a few people who are into themeing, or want to be into themeing, for the Droid X and Droid X2.

We're looking to get the ball rolling here within a week or two on cranking out some themes, once we get themes started then we will begin porting our themes, to all the DX/DX2 ROMS as they come available.

As for the team, This team is taking a very serious step in changing the game up in how themes are done, and how they look. not to give too much away as of yet, we have an awesome seasonal theme in the works! just know we are a highly motivated and excited group of people who take this community serious.

We need some people with skill in the area of:

-XML Edits Compile/decompile
-.9.png knowledge
- Theme Porting
- Creativity.

What we are looking for in a team mate is someone who is good with communicating with the rest of the team on what their currently working on willing to roll with the punches, and brings a positive mind set to the group. looking for some android loving people who'd like to give back to the community thats given us so much!

i am in no way wanting to dictate anyone, this is all for fun and to give back! but i do promise that the Nastiest Crew will put out the Nastiest themes ever seen on android, point blank.

If interest please PM me. If you want to get a hold of me with the quickest response. Shoot me. A message on g talk.

Floridasean at gmail dot com


As for work that has been done under the name of Nastiest, i have cranked out two Themes for HC3.1 Rom for the Acer A500. and i would love to bring the fun to the
DX and DX2!!!!

P.S. if there is anyone out there who wants to theme for another device on our team, you're more then welcome. The Nastiest Crew plans on taking over the ANDROID WORLD!!!! one Theme at a time!!!!!

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i would like to join been porting themes from the x to the x2 for awhile now adding in some custom stuff fer people on req but until i get life back on a routine work school kids football practice aint gonna have much time
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