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Did u figure out what the problem is yet? Heres a link to my install instructions for CM7. U can follow those directions pretty much the same way for MIUI. and also heres a link to my thread on flashing sbf files. Cus u could possibly have the wrong sbf. there is a couple froyo sbfs. And one i know is system only. so make sure u have the right one. and let us know if u have anymore questions. there has to be a reason its not working. any DX can flash roms. its very unlikely that, it just wouldnt be able to flash a rom. so. just let us know if u havent figured it out. and check out my 2 tutorials and also make sure u download the MIUI file again(which u can do straight to ur phone like u did. that will work i do that all the time) and like they said here. make sure the md5 is correct.
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