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need help installing ROM

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Just to clarify, this is my first attempts at rooting a phone.

I've successfully tried several of the custom ROMs and while there are some things I like about them I've decided I really like the look and feel of the stock ROM. I downloaded one of the debloated and deodexed ones from the list. However, these are tar files and not zip so they don't install like the others I've tried. I tried using some instructions I saw on how to put your phone back to stock, but I just used the debloated file instead. Well the Samsung software didn't like that and for some reason Odin fails when trying to install from there. So at this point I'm stuck. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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"zhakrin said:
OK, next newbie question. I thought LeanKernel and PBJT were for Froyo and this is GingerBread. Are they interchangeable?
I must've missed where you said GB... sorry
Looks like it was the Re-Partition button being checked in Odin that was causing the problem. Thanks everyone for all your help!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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