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modisch said:
My phone decided to sprout a stuck (bright) pixel. I called Verizon and they confirmed that they would replace it on warranty with a refurb droidX. I'm glad it will still be a droidX, I love mine. Although I wouldn't complain about a upgrade to a charge or htc incredible 2 (hello unlocked bootloader).

My big concern is the quality of refurbished phones. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on that? I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July 2012, so I'm either going with a stuck pixel or getting a refurb. I guess the refurb is the likely lesser of the evils.

Still, any thoughts?



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I got a refurbished Droid X back in January and I haven't had any real problems with it, and I didn't think that the quality was much worse than the original one that I had.
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