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I'm currently on DX number 7. Main reason for so many exchanges is I'm picky about the earpiece and speakerphone spkrs, and a few of my refurb replacements had blown or partially blown spkrs (sounded like a kazoo when the volume was turned up past ~50%). I use the earpiece for all calls except ones that come in while I'm driving, in which case I take the call on my BT headset.

1st DX: periodic but several times daily SD card auto-unmounting, needed to reboot phone to access the SD again
2nd DX: blown earpiece spkr (volume past ~50% -- kazooooo)
3rd DX: big finger smudge on the -inside- of the camera lens cover that hazed my photos, partially blown speakphone speaker
4th DX: partially blown earpiece spkr (better than #2 above, but only marginally so)
5th DX: thumb-sized hotspot (more like a hot-splotch) in the middle of the LCD, most noticeable w/ light backgrounds
6th DX: perfect, for ~2-3 months. then a perfectly rectangular, pixelated/white-noise-like strip ~1/4" high formed along the entire bottom edge of the LCD
7th DX: perfect so far. have had it since mid-March
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