Google is doing some big things lately, especially with Nest. Their most recent change involving the company was buying smaller manufacturer Dropcam over the weekend to assist in more home automation. Now Nest is opening up its system to 3rd-party developers by announcing their developer program along with a new API.

The new API is called Smart Home, and essentially allows developer to have their services and products talk to and through Nest. A lot of manufacturers and software companies have already signed on and have begun incorporating the new API into their products. IFTTT, Jawbone, Logitech, Whirpool, and even Google are (or in Google's case will be) releasing features to their products that will let them communicate to your Nest device for events.

Smart Home API so far is very basic as confirmed by Nest's Senior Product Manager Greg Hu, and with that statement he also confirmed that 3rd-party developers won't be able to create havoc through your HVAC using the API. As we should all be aware, privacy and security are high-alarm concerns in today's public and companies keep this in mind when introducing new hardware and software to consumers. Hu did note that the API will become more developed and complex over time so we should all keep watch on what happens with our data and information when using Nest with another product. The Nest developer program opened up last night, so you developers can get out there and create and edit your apps, services, and hardware to communicate with Nest and have Nest communicate with them. Nest is really becoming something big with these new acquisitions and programs.

Source: Nest