While everyone was pumped up yesterday for Motorola announcements, Moto was keeping them secret from the general public - only select members of the press were privileged to have access. Now a day for the Hangouts Q&A and some time before the 'product announcement' it seems that Moto has jumped the gun on unveiling the videos. Product videos for the "new Moto X", Moto 360, "new Moto G", and Moto Hint have just shown up on YouTube.

The videos showcase the new products and some of their unique features. Many of these are more software features than hardware stats. The first two vids contain the new devices, the Moto X and Moto G. The Moto X goes through an assembly line of sorts that talks and shows off some of the new features. You can see an enhanced active notifications, enhanced voice actions, and more gesture movements. The Moto G looks like it's attached to a speaker with a product analyst turning up the knobs that talk about new features. The features that are show include a new 5" HD display, dual stereo front facing speakers, Moto shells, and 'pure Android'.

Next up we have videos about the other products Motorola is announcing, the Moto 360 and the Hint. The 360 is shown being crafted before finally being worn by a ghost arm while features are being activated and talked about. We see the design of the watch clearly, along with unique way Android Wear is handled on a circular watch face, leather wriststraps, and other hardware features. Lastly we get a look at Motorola new premier bluetooth the Moto Hint. Which is small enough to fit the your ear without wrapping around the back or sticking out the front. The Hint allows you to control applications, notifications, phone calls and more all by your voice.

After seeing all these videos does that pump you up more for Motorola's products? Which are you amped up for now -- personally the Hint and the 360 looks like they will be coming home to me as soon as they are released.