Developer Chris Lacy has been extremely busy these past few months. First with the tremendous success of home-alternative Action Launcher, then with productivity-oriented time-saving browser Link Bubble, he has been on a roll. Now he has just unveiled a new app to help with your productivity even more, TapPath.

TapPath is a gesture based application that allows you to specify where your links take you after you click them in third party applications. You set applications for single- double-, and triple-path clicks and then you let the app do it's job.

Tapping on a link once sends the link to the default app (let's say Chrome), tapping on it twice instead of once sends you to an alternate app (say, Link Bubble) and tapping on it three times sends you to a second alternative (such as the Android share intent menu). All this happens without you having to do anything more than tap a few times on a link. This should cut down on you having to select where a link goes 'Just Once' or 'Always' then having to repeat or rescind those decisions.

The app just went live in the Play Store for only $.99 and it's easily a must-download for those needing to send links different places based on different circumstances. Have you downloaded it yet? What are you thoughts on Chris Lacy's latest creation?

Play Store: TapPath