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gemro311 said:
Ready to pull the trigger on rooting my charge to GBE..however I'm not quite sure what files i need in order to make it happen . I have flashed , what seems a trillion times on my HTC Eris , but that seems much more clear cut than doing it with the Charge . I already have ODIN set up . So do I need to flash the Rom, Kernel, CWM, and a new radio in that order?? :scared:. Any help would be appreciated

Refer to this post. It basically gives you step by step instructions on getting to Gingerbread with EXT4 using the best available rom for Gingerbread. The first Odin (GB FE 1.9) will root you, the second Odin file will upgrade you to the latest Radios, and the CWM file will convert you over to GBE. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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