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New info on Android 2.3.5 on HP Touchpad!

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Coming Soon!



Make us a boot menu!

Any community members that would like to take a swing at boot logos which will be used for our boot menu can send their logos to [email protected] for review. The team will pick the top 5 and post them here on the blog to be voted on. The set that gets picked by the community will be used in our final boot menu.

Rules for the logos are as folows:

1) We will need two images, one showing android selected and the other showing WebOS selected.

1) Each image must be 768×1024 psd documents with each link in a separate layer.

2) Do not include any copyrighted material in the boot logos.

Here are menus <Jedipottsy_> on IRC made for reference to what we are looking for:

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jolness said:
This was done first be the cm team. Touchdroid should call themselves team kang
It's looking that way isn't it.

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