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New Market App Updates

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So this has been driving me crazy as of late and it seems no one else complains of this issue. If I open the market and go to "my apps" and there is just 1 app to update and select that app I don't usually get the option to update. It gives me options to open or uninstall the app. If I force stop the market one or 2 times it will eventually give me the option to update.

The strange thing is when there are 2 or more apps to update I can just hit update all and they all download one at a time now (which is also annoying not having simultaneous downloads).

Currently I have an app that needs an update and I've force stopped/killed the market about 10 times and it won't let me update. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still shows an update after clearing data from the market.

Is anyone else having this issue with updating apps in the new market?
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I am too having those problems, but also almost never see all of my downloaded apps in the "My Apps" folder. This market sucks so bad. I hate using it!
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