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ok so with all the new amazing development thats been going on around here lately, its time to explain to you guys how to properly use what we've been given.

What are you trying to say dsexton?

that raverx3x and i have figured out how to properly use voodoo and optimze it so that you can have a completely stock sgs4g rom without any mods or tweaks and get a 2000 on quadrant standard.

why does this matter:
not simply just for the score confidence, this actually makes the phone smoother, drhonk even agress that system definitely doesnt need to be ext4 right now, also on a normal stock rom you will get 1000 quad scores and 11 mflops IF YOUR LUCKY, with this mod you get 2000 stock quad scores with 17 to 20 mflops stock!!!

it doesnt just raise your quad scores, it also raises the performance of the phone having cache and system as ext4 is not proper, maybe when we get into Gingerbread it will be, this also will raise your mflops

what you will need:
ext4 converter
bali 3.1

Ok so when using bali 3.1 the voodoo will convert system, cache and data to ext4

we dont want system and cache to be ext4 only data

so how do we do this?

get ready for odin people because we need a clean slate


go ahead and odin back to kd1
let kd1 boot up and go into cwm
flash the ext4 converter
then flash whatever rom you would like/or restore a back up
now flash bali 3.1
reboot recovery
go into voodoo and disable lagfix

now wait for your phone to sit for 5 minutes and test that thing out

when going into voodoo control, voodoo should say that you are rfs if it does then you have done it corretly

you should be averaging 1900 to 2000 stock
and when OC'd you will get past 3000

KNOWN ISSUE: everytime you reboot linda is going to want to convert, she should say "voodoo disabled" if you feel your phone dropped performance or isnt as high as the OP is saying it should be check your voodoo control

if you thought 3.1 was amazing just wait till you do this guys, once again your phones will go above the expectations

Thanks to:
Raverx3x he actually found this out, i just figured out what was going on in the conversion process
drhonk for bali 3.1 and voodoo without this we wouldnt be able to convert just data
dameon for his ext4 converter
krylon for his roms
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