According to a report from Phandroid, the new Moto X will come in a bootloader-unlocked version with full MotoMaker support. The trend toward releasing "Developer Edition" flagship phones with unlocked bootloaders included last year's Moto X, though you could only get it in black or white. This year you can apparently enjoy all the customization goodies MotoMaker has to offer, including the new leather backplates.

What this basically amounts to is a phone you can customize like no other, with all the benefits that a Nexus phone offers in near-instant Android updates and a "fastboot OEM unlock" bootloader. It's only a matter of time before we see custom recoveries such as TWRP and ClockworkMod as well as custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod. It could arguably be better than a Nexus, especially if you can activate it on Verizon's network (I would be surprised if Verizon ever carried a Nexus phone again).

As a reminder, the 16GB standard Moto X will put a $499-sized dent in your wallet, but we don't know how much the 32GB MotoMaker one will cost. As with last year's "Developer Edition" flagship phones, you can expect to pay full retail for the bootloader-unlockable New Moto X - carriers aren't about to subsidize them anytime soon.

Incidentally, while it's always nice to see OEMs release a development-friendly edition of a flagship phone, it's a shame that such a thing would be necessary at all. You can thank Motorola themselves for helping to usher in the locked bootloader era with the Droid X and Droid 2. Also, you can thank primarily AT&T and Verizon for locking down all their flagship phones by default and disabling even official OEM-sponsored bootloader unlock solutions such as HTCDev.

Source: Phandroid