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The Theme Engine has made it easy for themers to build & maintain their themes for several platforms at once. It's also given rise to the ability to sell those themes on the Play store. This is all a good thing. Themers work hard at perfecting their craft, and they deserve the opportunity to market their product.

However, the RootzWiki forums, and in particular the AOKP subforums is not the proper avenue for pure advertisement of your theme. Posting a thread with pictures and a link to a paid theme is counter to the spirit of FOSS software that AOKP embraces.

We have decided to implement a simple set of rules to help promote both the FOSS nature of Android, and allow for themers to market their wares.

You may link to your paid theme on the Play store as long as you follow these simple rules:
  1. You must include a link to a free version of the theme (it doesn't haven't to be on the Play store - you may host it through any of the normal download channels if you wish).
  2. The free version may be a 'lite' or slightly older version of the theme if you wish.
  3. If there are differences between the paid & free versions, please include a change/diff log.

I don't want this to come across as being against paid themes. I am not. I hope that every themer is successful in the market, and believe they should be compensated for their work. I just don't think RootzWiki or AOKP should provide the marketing for you :)

Note, that this is a decision that Team Kang made, and has not been discussed with RootzWiki staff. Other theme forums may not impose these rules.

Over the next week or two, we will start to look at theme OP's for compliance. If your theme thread doesn't comply, we will PM you to please fix. If it's not fixed in a reasonable time, we will lock the thread and delete any links from the OP.

Thanks for your support
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