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I minimized the new theme some using userCSS (native to opera desktop and can be done on chrome/firefox with plugins) to emphasize the content and readability a bit more. Anyone interested that knows how to use usercss can try it using the css in the following link

Things I did:
1) made the logo smaller (I like the logo, but not as gigantic as it is)
2) made the site a fixed width (around 990px)
3) removed signatures and avatar images (don't really like seeing people's sigs or images and didnt see options to do it in the new forum)
4) Decreased some of the whitespace areas to have less padding so there's less whitespace between content, but not enough it makes it hard to read.

If you don't want to deal with usercss, you can download the already made up site style at (will work automatically for chrome and firefox browsers)

Overall, I like the new forum software much better than vbulletin and the new layout is generally way better than what vbulletin did
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