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I've been an AOKP user for years but since the last months i'm starting to get really angry with it.

I had an Nexus 4 with the last Jellybean milestone. Worked fine but had some bugs never solved ; the main was a annoying one that made the wi-fi connection keeps dropping and reconnecting when bluetooth was connected. Posted it here in NEVER get an answer.

Yesterday i've bought a Nexus 5 and spent hours to root, unlock and installing the last AOKP nightly. After lot of work configuring everything, i found out a massive bug : when i'm not connect in wifi, my mobile connection keeps dropping and reconnecting. I just CAN'T use my phone if when i'm not in wifi.

Is there any workaround ? Is there any support here ?

I know it's a free rom, but if there is no support, i'll give up on it and go back to stock rom or another one with at least some support.

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