It seems the higher price tag was no deterrent for hordes of eager Nexus fans, as the Play Store ran out of inventory within minutes of opening preorders for the Nexus 6 (tell me if you've read this script before). Despite setting you back a cool $649 (32GB)/$699 (64GB), Google's latest and greatest handset sold out even more quickly than past Nexus handsets despite being merely preorders.

Those who were nimble and quick to go under limbo stick able to get in and place their preorders in time can evidently look forward to their device being shipped on November 21st. Incidentally, T-Mobile customers, though unable to preorder the device, will apparently be able to get their Nexus 6 fix November 12, a full 9 days before it gets shipped to Google Play customers. Though Verizon did recently confirm they will be selling the Nexus 6, they gave no information for either preorders or actual availability. There also has been no indication that I could find as to when AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular or other carriers will have it available. If you don't mind getting your 2014 Nexus fix via tablet rather than phone (you can still place calls in Hangouts after all), you can still preorder the Nexus 9 and expect it to ship November 3.

Source: Play Store