C'mon people, we knew this day would come. We are talking about a Nexus device. Yes, Android L is more secure, and it's paired with one of the first 64-bit systems in Android. The system has made it harder to permeate, but the Nexus has still been rooted. We can thank our lovely, friendly, neighborhood hacker, Chainfire.


Chainfire stated that due to all of the new additions to Android and the hardware of the Nexus 9, the root process took a few more hours to complete but he did happen to root the device. He has provided all the links and items needed for the process to be completed by yourself and it's a simple 4 step process, but (of course) includes some knowledge in ADB and fastboot.

After downloading the files from Chainfire, which includes an update SuperSU (at version 2.18), you will need to open your device and issue 3 commands:
  1. Enable OEM unlocking in Android's developer options
  2. Fastboot oem unlock
  3. Fastboot boot inject.img
  4. Fastboot flash boot patched.img

You should now have a fully rooted Nexus 9! Enjoy it. Chainfire does have some comments that deal with this root process. For 1, you will not want to use any other SuperSU file on your Nexus 9 as well as use version 2.18 on any other device. Also, don't expect all root apps to work flawlessly just because your device is rooted. Many devs have probably not updated their apps and tested them to work will all the changes that deal with Android Lollipop.

So now, day two, we have a fully rooted Nexus 9. I wonder how long it will be before the Nexus 6 and other Lollipop devices will get rooted. Also are you going to be rooting your Nexus 9? I know I will. Comment below with your thoughts.

Now we wait for CWM and TWRP.

Source: Google+ | Chainfire.eu