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Nexus Evolution
Now Based Fully Off Of Cyanogenmod
English only now!

Now Fully Open Source!
Only thing I ask. Ask permission for building and redistributing it out of respect!​

Credits And Changelog Is​
What Makes This Different From Cyanogenmod

- Well its only english now. Removed the build of other translations. This I believe saves some room
- Removed stock launcher. Only nova
- No wallpaper picker
- Built with the latest Lean Kernel from Imoyeson
- Some mods were removed from cm and replaced with mods from various sources

What Is Cyanogenmod In The Rom

- Well the base of course. Built from there source!

What Is Gonna Happen On Each Update And Why

- Each update is gonna resync with cyanogenmod source updating all the hardware and bugs there are!
- Why am I doing that?
- Because I need to get off the computer and enjoy life more! All I have to do now is add the mods I like and want and sync with CM
- This way I can start bringing Evolution to some other devices!
- Pretty much enjoy life more, but enjoy android a little too!


- None that I know of

Credits And Thanks

- Cyanogenmod of course for there awsome base and open source!
- Slimroms for all the cherry picks I used from them to start! (They have a great source with awsome mods!)
- Aokp for a couple mods I picked
- Liquid for a little help here and there on some questions when needed. Being a cool guy!



Download 4.1.1

md5: 1ac4aa8ee9de18a31bfeb1ff1af9961c​

Would advise to always do a fully wipe before coming here and telling me bugs to be safe


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1st and about time lol

The Jittery Gentleman
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Killer work as always man. Glad to see this finally up and available! Extremely well done.

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Isn't the hand and the lightning symbol of CM Punk of WWE? And I like the name, just like my Evolution. (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) Hehe :D
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