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Most of you are indifferent about media players/streamers etc, but form a personal experience, I have it booting with a non functional TWRP recovery for root shell access, hopefully it will be widely adopted from the developers at this point, this is an informative, not a review. If you plan on getting one let me know, very excited for this device since it is running the same hardware as the Galaxy Nexus and is a wide open device!


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lol, I don't see why people wouldn't be interested in the device. Personally I can't wait to get my hands on one and see what is making the magic happen. I was planning on building something similar out of a raspberry pi, but I would love to have this thing as a reference/starting point...

also, my own in my living room?
yes please!

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I was thinking of picking up one as well, but in stock form, most of the functions is done can be done with any phone that is connected via HDMI Out --> Home Theater Receiver HDMI --> to a TV

Hoping to see something big. Would love to support google's hardware.

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I have a feeling this is a "pre 1st gen device" and a more functional model may come out when developers figure out how to get the most out of it. It is a fine device, but in it's current form I have no real use for it when I already own a google TV and don't want my friends messing with my playlist when they want

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I picked one up off eBay as soon as news broke that XBMC For Android was announced.
Been using XBMC for years for my mediacenter needs.

The plan for me is to get CM9 or AOKP & XBMC up and running on the Nexus Q,
Turning it into a TRUE MultiMediaCenter
My Nexus Q arrives tomorrow.
I am looking for dedicated devs to kick the development realm of the Nexus Q into overdrive.
I will be available around the clock to help out.
Nexus Q + XBMC = WIN
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