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coggy9 said:
I have a AMOLED Nexus One and a Thunderbolt(Think its SLED)...honestly I can't tell the difference except the TB is just a bit brighter. I would get the SC-LED version if S devs are not supporting S-AMOLED...
There's actually almost no difference between dev support for the two, as there were almost no differences for us anyway! The only thing was BLN, but that was quickly fixed and now the two are equal. The NS4G on the other hand, has different devs and ROMs etc.

I myself have an i9020 (SAMOLED) and it is one of the nicest displays I have used. Except for reds, as they appear very pixely and grainy because of the pentile arrangement. My friend has a 9023 (SLCD) and its like a regular LCD, everything seems cripser except the dark gingerbread UI doesn't quite do it justice. Both have their pros and cons, however if the SAMOLED was of the plus variety (GS2) then it would be SAMOLED+ hands down!

My 2c
even though you've already got it, just in case anyone else needs advice.
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