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I did this just to get the ball rolling. Will update this more when there is a little time. Just wanted to provide a single place for all things related to CyanogenMod for our phone.

We are officially on the device list for CM7. This will be a source of information for the nightly builds and is NOT OFFICIAL. I am just compiling information to save people time and harassment in the IRC (Just kidding, its a great room, come chat with us)

Quick Links:

List of features in CM7 Nightlies

  • Android 2.3.5
  • Kernel 2.6.32
  • Reorganization of CM Settings Menu
  • Changelog now in CM Settings -> System
  • T-Mobile Theme engine
  • Music app has updated 4x2 widget
  • Album art and song on lockscreen
  • Reorganized CM Settings
  • Battery % on lockscreen option
  • Lockscreen custom app launcher
  • Additional rotary lock screen options
  • Fix readahead values for NAND/MMC devices
  • Revamped notification widget - cvpcs
  • Updated various graphics for GB style - blunden
  • DSPManager updated for 2.3 - alankila
  • Restyled music app - Jason Asher
  • Rotary answer in Phone app - James Peterson
  • BT VoiceDialer fixes - Matthew Sparby
  • Calendar enhancements - James Peterson
  • Stagefright fixes for 7x30, 8x50, and 7x27 - Zinx, arcee, Cyanogen
  • Pacman package manager - Kmobs
  • Workaround for unknown phone number - Jiri Tyr
  • Trackball answer/hangup - Juan Rodriguez
  • CMParts reorganization - Robert Burns
  • New browser incognito mode - optedoblivion
  • New trackball/trackpad wake - Zinx, Cyanogen
  • Legacy sensor/GPS support - arcee
  • Enabled v8 javascript engine on armv6 (msm7227/msm7225) - arcee
  • Customizable overscroll - arcee
  • Torch cleanup - defer
  • 2D compositor backwards compatibility - arcee
  • OpenGL backwards compatibility - Zinx, Cyanogen
  • SMS templates using gestures - Riccardo Ciovati
  • Phone Goggles - David Bidorff
  • Option to always show battery percentage on lockscreen - Robert Burns
  • CPU frequency/scaling control in CMParts - Robert Ramiega
  • Option to pause/play music with camera button - cvpcs
  • Allow SIP User-Agent configuration - arcee
  • Updated FLAC support - cvpcs, Cyanogen, kroot (laydros says YAY!)
  • Common: Updated wallpapers - Fitsnugly, Prash
  • Common: Customizable search/long-press search - Sven Dawitz
  • Common: New lockscreen styles - Rotary Revamped (default) and Lense - Sven Dawitz
  • Common: Customizable app launcher on rotary lockscreen - Sven Dawitz
  • Common: Now playing and album art on lockscreen - kmobs
  • Common: GPS fixes - CodeAurora
  • Common: Breakfast/Brunch - arcee
  • Common: Statusbar battery percentage with mini icon - Sven Dawitz, design by Jazz Kalsi
  • Common: SMS split for braindead carriers - Mike Wielgosz
  • Common: CMParts cleanup - Sven Dawitz
  • Common: Notification profiles - Martin Long

Please bear in mind this is a nightly build, meant to be a testing ground for developers, and there may even be times the new nightly won't work at all. This is a common way of working in open source software. Most of the problems you are encountering the developers are already aware of. With that said, most of the nightly builds has been very solid and stable for many people here, and several of us that are used to development software are using it as a daily driver. Just realize that is not the intention of nightly builds.
Installation Info

You must be fully rooted (including NAND rooted) see the Perm root thread in the Dev section of the Shift forums for a few diff. ways to achieve this!

See links posted above.

First time CM7 user:
  1. Confirm lastest recovery from ROM Manager is installed. Should be CWM
  2. DL and transfer nightly and GAPPS to SD Card. Anywhere is fine, just remember where
  3. Boot into recovery and make a NANDROID backup. Choose Backup/Restore from main menu - then backup. Or use ROM Manager to create a backup as well.
  4. Once this is done, wipe data/cache (Factory Reset) this will reduce your chances of having any issues. You can use Titanium Backup to backup your apps from your original ROM, and restore them on CM7.
  5. Flash the nightly zip file.
  6. Flash the GAPPs file which adds the Market and allows you to download things like GMail, Goggles, Voice Search, and Maps.
  7. Suggestion - If you have Ti Backup of your apps and plan to restore, don't sign into Google upon first boot, as this usually starts a download of all your apps, and will bog down your phone. There is no need to DL all of this when you have them all on your phone. The only thing you need to do is have an installable apk for Ti backup. After running through the initial setup screen, install Ti Backup and restore Apps.

Nightly Addict:
  1. Flash to get your fix. Na0wz!
  2. No need to re-flash GAPPs everytime and nightlies do not touch your installed apps. (Typically, bad things can happen so flashing nightlies are at your own risk)
There are now only two versions of GApps, one for Tegra CPUs and one for non. For the Shift you want the standard version without Tegra support
GApps changed for CM7 and only has the basics for market access. When you first log in you will be given a screen of checkboxes to download the apps you want. You can also add them manually later from the market.

Thanks again for your hard work to the entire CM team, but most especially ToastCFH who has been hard at work getting us a working ROM.

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Known Bugs
To try to better organize - if you're going to provide information on a bug you have - please provide the following:
  • Nightly #:
  • Kernel:
  • Issue:
  • Can you replicate? If so, how? (This will allow others to attempt to replicate)
As of 11/18/2011:

1. GPS Not Working - This occurs sometimes switching between Sense and CM7 Roms. If you don't even have the icon showing up in the notification bar, to fix do the following:

1. Backup CM7,​
2. Flash Sense Based ROM or restore sense nandroid,​
3. Get GPS lock using GPS Status or other method, but confirm you have a lock,​
4. Reboot to recovery w/out turning off GPS,​
5. Restore CM7 and profit.​

2. LEDs Notifications don't work while plugged in
  • Nightly #: Any 2.3.4 based nightly
  • Kernel: Stock
  • Issue: See Post Here
  • Can you replicate? If so, how? Yes. Plug in Phone.
Q. When the new nightly comes out can I just download and flash over the top of the install?
A. Because these are development nightlies they are not guaranteed to work in this way. In many cases this may work fine, but even if it does it may not implement a new feature or fix.

Q. What has changed in the newest nightly build?
A. For me the easiest thing has been to follow the CM Source twitter feed. Pretty much any change that doesn't mention another device specifically will show up on the nightly.

Look here for Cyanogen's changes:
and here for CyanogenMod in general:

Q. My signal seems lower on CM7 then stock/sense based Roms. WTF?
A. Your signal has not been impacted. The AOSP roms show true signal, while the sense roms are biased and show more bars then it should. To check your signal strength go to Menu->Settings->About Phone->Status and it will tell your your Signal Strength. Compare that to a stock rom and it should be VERY similar if not exactly the same. See post #3 for possible bugs with drain due to signal performance.

Q. Flash isn't working
A. Go to the market, search for "Flash Player" and install.

Q. I don't have a Market icon or any other google apps
A. You didn't flash gapps.

Q. Rom Manager won't let me download the nightly
A. Purchase the premium version from the Market and support Koush!

Q. What times are the nightly builds? And what time in my timezone?
A. Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to the times they are built just keep your eyes here: http://mirror.teamdo.../?device=speedy

Q. Rom Manager says there are no updates
A. Since these are nightly builds and not releases, the filename stays the same and Rom Manager knows you have a rom named that already. If you want to assure you have the latest, clear your download cache and re-download.

Q. Can I install the Sense dialer/music player/widgets/etc. ?
A. By default no. Sense widgets only work with the Rosie launcher. Most of the other stuff it tightly bound to the framework, which is why many of the AOSP applications can not be easily installed on a Sense ROM.

Q. Is there any way to run the stock android 2.3 launcher instead of ADW?
A. Search the market for "gingerbread launcher." There are several available for free.
Please feel free to add any that I missed, but hopefully we don't get repeats of the same answered questions or known bugs. I hope this makes things easier for everyone to know what's going on.

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#203's looking real nice. Got a couple new options regarding lockscreen layout and fixes 4G signal indicator issue. (Haven't tested it myself, but I believe em).

Does anyone know what "use source audio" mean? Is it a difference I'm supposed to be able to notice?

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jesusice said:
#203's looking real nice. Got a couple new options regarding lockscreen layout and fixes 4G signal indicator issue. (Haven't tested it myself, but I believe em).

Does anyone know what "use source audio" mean? Is it a difference I'm supposed to be able to notice?
I looked at the review for it and it leads back to a change in : 7x30 revert back to source audio, which our phone would fall under that bracket. But as to exactly what that means? I don't know.. The review didn't show much

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