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Schoat333 said:
Something odd started happening to me today. Around 12:00 this afternoon I was on 3g with no problems. At around 1:30, I tried to select 3g again, but when I select CDMA only, the signal bars stay white, and the 3g icon never comes up. I can make calls, and send text messages, but I have no data connection. I am able to connect to 4g without any problems tho (I use 3g when I don't need the speed to save battery).

My wife has a thunderbolt, and she can select 3g without any problems, so it not the network.

Does this sound like a SIM card problem?
The SIM only controls the 4G, and has it's own radio. Calls and 3G are both handled by the same radio and firmware. There could be an issue with the 4G-3G handoffs. I guess that could feasibly be SIM related, but it seems more likely that you wouldn't have 4G if it were.
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