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No backups available

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Hi... I just flashed TWRP in realizing that CWM is old news and I ,ay as well get with the program, what with 4.2 out and multi-user blahblah. So I flashed MMuzzy's 4.2.1. I backed it up using TWRP, then flashed Prime to try, wanted to revert back... now there are no backups available when I boot into TWRP.


Oh yeah... TWRP version
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So I found all my stuff in the 0 folder. My thought was that the newest versions of TWRP and CWM knew how to deal with that... I moved my backups to the TWRP folder inside 0 and it now sees everything it's supposed to. So my question I guess is why is it still doing that, and what do I have to do in order to have my backups work properly?

So I restored back to Muzzy's 4.2.1 and now I don't have a 0 folder anymore... so weird... still looking for ideas if anyone has any.
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