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Hi !

My cell LG OPTIMUS 3D has no service !! It looks like SIM its blocked ! I switched up on Settings --> Location& Security --> SIM card Lock and I put my pin, but it does works, it remains blocked :''(

I've found that :

Important note: Starting with SK3 (and every future build coming out of CM), the system is now configured to work with the v21a radio. It will not work with the older (Froyo) basebands, and it will not work on the Thrill. Thrill users (or users of the O3D with the 2.2 baseband) should use the second link at the bottom of this post.

CM7 nightlies for the Optimus3D (Gingerbread radio) can be downloaded from
CM7 nightlies for the Thrill can be downloaded from
So I tried to install that packages said in the quote but it brokes the instalation 'cause those .zip are for another telephones !!!!

What can I do ? Shoul I get the radio's archive ? so where?

Thanx mates !


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