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Before you go about unrooting and restoring stock there are few things you can do,

1. Follow what madzozs said above, if that doesnt work go to next step
2. make sure that someone else with a thunderbolt in the general area around you doesnt have the same issue (to rule out an verizon issues)
3. dial *#*#4636#*#* and goto phone Information and make sure Unknown is checked (if on ASOP) or CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto, if you are on a sense rom. Since you are on CM7 make sure its Unknown if not set it and reboot
4. If you have any data, try dialing *22899 to provision your phone for it to reset the baseband.
5. Reflash Radio or change radio
6. if all the above doesnt work, get a new SIM from VZW store, dont take you phone just take the SIM and ask for a replacement, its free.


If none of the above helped you, go ahead unroot restore stock and start calling VZW tech support.

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