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A while back I unlocked bootloader and installed a ROM using TWRP.

Yesterday attempted to install latest AOKP using TWRP (2.4.1).

Backed up existing ROM via TWRP.

Wipe: Factory reset,cache/dalvik cache
Install: AOKP followed by GAPPS
Flashed: boot.img from opened ZIP file (AOKP).

Reboot brought up the HTC screen talking about legal aspects and then it would shut off and come back up again.

Tried a number of variations of above with no success.

I presently have it in android recovery/bootloader screen. If I execute RECOVERY it goes to TWRP.

1. What am I doing wrong using TWRP to flash the AOKP ROM?
2. IS GAPPS JB 20130301 ok with aokp_evita_nightly_2013-06-30?
3. Do I need to flash 'boot.img' and is it done before or after flashing the ROM and GAPPS?
4. Do I need the latest TWRP build?
5. Would any one be willing to walk me through the correct procedure to flash this ROM?

I appreciate any assistance with this.



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Well I would do this

wipe as you did and then just flash the rom by it self. The boot.img should be good for now. If the rom boots then flash gaaps no wipe. Reboot the phone. Now if you want the new kernel flash the boot.img.

If this doesn't work flash the rom then boot,img and reboot. If it boots then flash gapps.

If that didn't work the restore your back up and try another rom to see if its working.
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