Icon themes come in all different shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different styles attached to them. Some are just a set theme with the original icons placed inside while others are thought out with a unique design implemented within. MindPlay Media, is a team of two designers (Matt Fidoe and Travis Hall) that have made a new theme titled Nuggets. Nuggets is definitely one of the latter group of themes, so much so that there is not a set theme with itself. "Each of your apps are different, so why shouldn't your icons be?" -- that's the motto for Nuggets.

Nuggets presents itself with over 1300 hundred unique icons to make your homescreen appear with a pop! Each icon is so different that I can't even easily describe them as a whole. Some icons incorporate long shadows, some have 3D elements, and some are just flat, I can say though that all (or at least the mass majority of the) icons are confined to a rounded-square base shape.

Nuggets also comes with over 130 cloud-based wallpapers for you to use as a backdrop for your icons, each as unique as the icons. We've got blurred walls, landscapes, patterns, minimalistic ones, posters and even more. Any type of wall genre that you are into should be included in this pack. Fortunately Nuggets walls are both Behang and Muzei-capable so you can try them all within a set time frame.

The app interface is not all that wild and different so you won't need to worry about that. Once opened you're presented with the application page, where you can apply the theme to up to 7 different launchers. There is also a slide-out menu that houses more categories for you to navigate within the app: Theme, Icons, Wallpapers, Zooper Skins, Request Icons, Extras/Rate, Contact, and About. Everything is easily laid out for you to move throughout the app. As you can see below there are also some Zooper skins included, which is not all that common among icon packs.

Nuggets is currently available in the Play store for $2, a reasonable price for such a unique icon pack. The guys also confirmed to me that they are going to stick to a steady bi-weekly update schedule so you can be sure this theme will continue to stay up to date. Feel free to show us how Nuggets has make your homescreen an exclusive experience with your screenshots.

Play Store: Nuggets