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Here's an odd issue. I have two TouchPads, a 32gb model purchased back in August during the fire sale (call it unit A for simplicity), and a factory refurbished 16gb model purchased last week (unit
. I installed CM9A2 on both. I wanted to investigate why the battery seemed to run down faster on the older model, so my idea was to swap the installs, to determine if it had something to do with my CM0 install, or if it was the unit itself. I backed up both using Nandroid and restored the Unit A backup on Unit B, and planned to eventually restore the unit B backup to unit A once I made sure everything was working correctly.

Everything seemed to work fine on Unit B with the Unit A restore. The only issue I noticed was the WiFi icon wouldn't stay blue. Since both Unit A and Unit B had basically the same image and the blue icon meaning the connection to Google is good, so I attributed this to both units being on, and that Google thought that two identical devices were connected at once.

Okay, here is the strange part, with the Unit A image on both devices, I plugged both in (on separate charges obviously) to charge overnight. Neither unit charged, in fact both drained about 20% despite being plugged in to the factory charger and the battery icon indicated that they were plugged in and charging (both chargers work fine, as they have charged each model without issue in the past). What I determined, was that if I turned one unit off, the other would charge and vice versa, both both wouldn't charge if they were both on (with CM9 booted) at the same time! It seems pretty hard to believe, but somehow maybe the connection to Google cutting in and out was interfering with the charging? Or maybe the power drain attempting to connect was greater than the power gained from charging, but that seemed unlikely.

At any rate, this morning I restored the original Unit B backup to Unit A, so both TouchPad's had different images again, both WiFi icons stayed blue, and both are charging normally.

So, my question is, is there some sort of ID string that identifies the individual TouchPad's on Google's network, and is it possible to change it? I only ask, because I might want to switch the images back, but for a while both units will have the same image, and I don't want to worry about having one of them turned off so the other will charge. Since there seems to be some sort of an issue with charging in CM9 if the battery gets too low, I always leave them plugged in when I am not using them.
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