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I have this up on xda-developers, wanted to post it up here also.

There's hope for those who like trying out the new Gingerbread leaks! Sadly the ROMs don't have CWM support yet, which makes restoring our Froyo ROMs with our customizations a pain.

Here's your solution, I've made an Odin flashable KC1 ROM with CWM already built in. It even boots up to CWM right after flashing to speed up your recovery! Now you can flash your favorite Froyo ROM and restore your nandroid backup and be ready to go!

Stock deodexed KC1 ROM (Whitehawkx)
* Root
* Busybox
* Quickboot
Bali 3.3 UV
* Voodoo lagfix enabled by default
* CWM recovery

1) CWM will try to enable the Voodoo lagfix since it's the default option, so the first boot might take longer than you want it to if you wind up booting into the phone at all.
2) I noticed a glitch in the boot startup animation. It flashed back and forth between the T-Mobile pink bootup animation and the default Android boot animation.

1) Download the file to your Windows PC
2) Extract the 7-Zip file using a compatible program, such as 7-Zip
3) Load up the file in Odin
4) Flash
5) Success!

Learn how to flash files with Odin using this guide
This file goes into the PDA section of Odin. Your Odin screen should look like this:


Stock DEODEXED KC1 by Whitehawkx
Bali 3.3 UV by drhonk
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