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I have seen several posts about which phones have unlock-able bootloaders and are therefore the most customizable. I too am looking to replace my phone in about 3 months, so i researched a little.

This list may not be all inclusive, but it is a start.

first a disclaimer, by unlocking your bootloader officially or unofficially you will void your warranty, I can not be held responsible for anything you do to your phone, this post is informational only.

HTC Device list
By far the most devices

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (and other google dev phones)
Pretty easy using fastboot

Motorola's list
Very limited at the moment, hopefully more will show up soon

Asus Transformer TF-201
apparently this is the only model

LG, couldnt find any official information

I know there are ways to hack the bootloader on devices, but these are an official outlet for bootloader unlocking (reminder, you will void your warranty)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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