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I updated my mesmerize to 2.3.4.

I did have wifi problems, so i started searching on the internet for solutions.

After many "solutions" my phone doesnot start normally anymore.

I am seeing only
(in blue)
Android System recovery (3e)
Enter: OK key


e:can't mount ...
e:can't open
e: unkown volume for path


this is my first android phone.

How to make my phone work again?

By the way.. i live in the netherlands, so the phone is only working over wifi


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You may need a new ROM. You can pick a stock ROM or one of the custom ROMs. This link is for stock ROM, there is rooted and non-rooted I think in the same thread...

You will also need ODIN program for your PC, it will load the ROM to your phone. ODIN is the last download link in this thread...

Follow directions there for using ODIN in that second thread and you should be good to go.
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