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One Click Root seems to have screwed up my text messaging. Any fix?

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I keep getting old texts come back as new texts after I delete them and random delays sending and deleting true new texts. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?
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Just rooting itself shouldn't do this....are you using the stock messaging app

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Yes. Stock messaging app. Ant thoughts?
For some reason after flashing enough roms on my moto devices they started to go away.
Skrillex is super dope. Definitely love the year one video! Sorry to jump in and have nothing good to add lol
I'd check your sqlite DB. The phone stores them there, see if they are all there, if so delete the record entirely and see if they still come backback

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never experienced this - maybe try it again and see what happens?
Its a bug...i too have had this issue twice factory reset solved it nothing else i tried worked...

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