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"Jaxidian said:
Actually, you bring up a good point here although it's different than what you think it is. ;-)

My question now is, shouldn't the black background around the text on there be MUCH darker since this is an AMOLED? I thought a black pixel = a pixel with no backlighting to it? In this picture, the background behind/around the text is clearly lit up with some kind of backlight (well, I guess unless it was intentionally a dark gray color). Is this an indication that this is a bogus photo?

I've never had an AMOLED device before so I don't know. That's what I understood, though. I wonder if this is simply some other device rotated 180 degrees (to look like it has no buttons) trying to fool us...
With my SAMOLED Nexus S, I'm able to say that even proper blacks have some lightness to them, as I believe some light may filter through from nearby sources. That's just me thinking of a logical explanation but it's particularly noticeable in a dark room, a pure black screen still 'glows' enough to distinguish it from the bezel and the screen when off. This difference is very minuscule however.

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