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Hi guys,

What happened? why no updates..

Well I may be a bit late to this topic and since the only things I repair are my gadgets and my desktop PC, I will say I have a hopeful solution...

Till now, we have everything we need to integrate the micro sd card inside the Nexus 7, except for the 5v power source. But as LittleGuy said, the tablet won't charge even if we do find the source as the tablet switches to host mode.

Now, what if, instead of finding a new source for the sd card, we find a new source for the battery. The battery can always be charged irrespective of the state of the micro usb/otg, its just the circuit that disallows it, right.

So, here is my solution, we disconnect the power cable from the micro usb and connect it to the micro sd card.
Then we take the input power line from the pogo pins and connect it to the micro usb port on the nexus 7.

This way we will be able to charge the phone, even if the tablet is in host mode. Also, as the micro sd is technically connected to the usb micro sd we won't need any software modifications/drivers to get it working.
I am pretty positive about this...
Now I leave it onto you harcore modders :)
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