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[Open Discussion] Soldering in Micro sd card reader to Nexus 7/ build log

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Ok so heres what I got so far. This will be a work in progress since I need a collaberative effort so I don't destroy my new N7.

So what are we starting with? a 8 gig N7

The goal? internally install a micro Sd card 32 gb with upgrade to 64 gb in th future.

Why? Because I can.

Questions i need answered,

Will it charge? It's a tough call, i need more hardware info first

Will this void warrenty? you betcha

Will this risk destroying my tablet? OHHHH yea Experts only!

Do you need drivers? No , This should work just like OTG but internal, using the App Stick Mount.

My background is a huge collection of controller building modding, console building and so on.

So what's the game plan? Take a micro sd card reader, strip it then solder it into the Usb plugs data and power connections. By doing this I feel I would bypass any jumper needs for charging or switching since the card will not physically occupy the slot.

So drop your thoughts below, Scroll down fro pics on progress and thoughts.

From IFixit, the usb micro port i need to solder into.

Update 7/28::

Did you think this was dead? NAhhhhhhh

I been busy getting my health in order and waiting on my OTG for testing


Heres some of the biggest issues i have been figureing out and i've solved just about all.

I've decided on Cat 5 ethernet type of wire for my solder joints, this should keep everything thin since there is no room inside for anything extra.

I've decided to place the sd card just behind the audio jack, this should provide enough room without damage to anything.

forum member Snow02 has been a big help so far in testing mounting and charging configurations, it looks like the Sd card will mount but not charge while mounting, but unmount qand it charges, this works fine for me since i don't plan to be ever plugged in with the sd mounted. I won't fully know till I solder in it. This could be a kernal issue that can be solved with software i'd have to assume, I'm not a Dev so I can't be sure.

Also i'm trying to find out if you can force apps to install to a stick mounted Sd card, it be a great help if someone can input on this since it's my final hurdle.

Once this is solved i can up the 8 gig nexus to a whoping 32-64 gig permantly.

Stay tuned !
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Wonder if someone will make a case that uses the pogo pins to add a usb slot or sd slot... Can dream can't i

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That, my friend, is actually quite a sick idea

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Man it really sounds like you know what you're doing, and if it can be done it seems like you're the man for the job.

I gotta come out and say it, tho- I was wondering how quick you'd be to crack open that nexus and risk its life, lol. I'm not blaming you for holding off til you're ready- hell I wouldn't even think of risking mine.

But I'd love to see this idea come to fruition. Good luck on your mission.

I did not mean for that to rhyme. I'll try not to do it next time.

Edit: nyuck nyuck. Sorry, its really early and I'm sitting in my car bored to death.

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1 - 2 of 92 Posts
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