If you follow Neff Star on any social network you would have noticed by now that he is a wallpaper-making machine. He tends to make multiple wallpapers everyday with his portfolio containing literally thousands of walls. He used to have a wallpaper managing app on Android, OYM (Open Your Mind), but the app's UI became tired and outdated. So, Neff Star started from scratch with a new design and rebranded the app, now named OYM Alpha, and has released it into the Play Store. Let's check it out.

OYM Alpha is a cloud-based wallpaper manager app, it's cloud-based because if the 4000+ wallpapers were hosted within the app... you'd have a rough time downloading that file. If you can't find a wall that suits your style in the app, you probably aren't looking hard enough. There are a multitude of categories for you to choose from, ranging from sports themes to Android-based to original photos from a GoPro. The category count is currently at 35 different categories -- we may soon need categories to categorize the existing categories.

The new app UI has you looking at a 2-column grid upon first entering the app. There are 'search', 'refresh', and 'menu' buttons at the top and a slide-out navigation drawer to the left which houses the many categories plus a 'favorites' section. The menu button allows you to either organize the photos alphabetically (ascending or descending) or randomize them.

When you select a wall, you are given the full view of the wall along with several options to utilize with the shots. The options include: set as wallpaper, add to favorites, and share. Share allows you to share the direct photo to any of Android share intents, which means you will be able to use these walls for your computer or show to a friend.

Neff Star adds multiple walls to OYM Alpha daily so you can be sure to see more and more walls all the time, all this without the need to update the app. He has confirmed to me that although he likes to have all his content in one place (ie. in the OYM Alpha app) he might consider adding Muzei or BLink support to the app -- which it currently does not have.

With over 4000 walls you are certainly getting enough options to justify spending the paltry $1.99 for the app in the Play Store, especially knowing that walls will be continually added. I encourage you to download the app now and show us what ends up being your device's background.

OYM Alpha is available for $1.99 in the Play Store.

OYM Alpha is available for $1.99 in the Play Store.​

Play Store: OYM Alpha