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[Opinion] Liberty ROM

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There are a lot of custom ROMs out there today. CM7 is obviously one of the most popular ROMs today, but in my honest opinion I think JRummy16's Liberty Gingerbread is the best ROM out there. I have never have a problem with it and it is so smooth and very fast. It is by far 100x better than stock.

The only concern I have is about Kejar31. I know he left the team, but why? Doesn anyone know what the big fight was over?

Thanks for the help everyone and nice work JRummy16!!!
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sheldoneous said:
Oh and liberty development isn't sensei and j rum have commented on this.
Here's the link about progress from JRummy16 (

Liberty will be updated soon with the newest version of Gingerbread from Moto! Hopefully it's soon, I can't wait to have Liberty back on my DX!!!
sheldoneous said:
It was bout charging for the toolbox to get nightlies..kejer wanted nothing to with it so he left..sad he left the x..he does awesome work.
Thanks for clarifying. I agree, very sad Kejar left Liberty and especially DX as a whole. Although with the new ROM Manger from JRummy16, $5 isn't that bad for an app that does as much as it does.
Hey guys, I'm back to change my mind. I previously started that Liberty was the best ROM for the Droid X. After seeing that Liberty was not being updated nightly, I went on to try Shuji. This is an amazing ROM from an amazing developer. A couple of nights ago I was bored so I decided to give CM7 a try. I backed up Shuji with the impression I was going to flash back. I have to say I set up CM7 and I'm never going back. It is by far the most seamless experience in a custom ROM. I still have a lot of love for Liberty and Shuji, but for now CM7 is the ROM for me.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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