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[Opinion] Liberty ROM

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There are a lot of custom ROMs out there today. CM7 is obviously one of the most popular ROMs today, but in my honest opinion I think JRummy16's Liberty Gingerbread is the best ROM out there. I have never have a problem with it and it is so smooth and very fast. It is by far 100x better than stock.

The only concern I have is about Kejar31. I know he left the team, but why? Doesn anyone know what the big fight was over?

Thanks for the help everyone and nice work JRummy16!!!
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"salem said:
CM7 is a great rom. Love the options available in it. imo, though, it still has its share of bugs. Same with miui. I sbf'd at least at least a couple times a week over the summer going from one to another(including shuji). However, by the time the kinks are worked out in them (if they ever are), I'll be ready for an upgrade (three more months for me). At this point, I want something that works great with minimal hassel. That's liberty.

I also personally like lgb b/c I like and use some blur features. This rom gives me that option.
Perfectly said. I agree.
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