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I have OTG support for my xoom at the moment and i love it. I also am starting to do dev stuff and was wondering what it would take to get adb, and fastboot working on my xoom, so i could run it with say a droid x attached and flash, or do whatever i want.

again got xoom OTG support, want to be able to run ADB and Fastboot from it to other devices to root, etc. thx

update:9/30: Did my own homework, have gotten at least half way there. got adb files loaded and ran, worked with my droid x. got it rebooted. gonna try sending and pulling files tomorrow.

have not been successful getting sbf to work yet. says i don't have permission, even though i am logged in through the terminal as root, and yes, i am a noob, but my device is rooted. not a major hurdle, esp. if adb is in full working order.

Now dont be shy!! Ive had this post on at least two other sites and no bites so far, even though the seen list has gotta be over 500. i know that this would be an awesome thing to be able to do, complete root on the go for anyone anywhere!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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