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paid to prepaid

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Can a s4 active be switched to the prepaid service. I am coming from an at&t contract to a prepaid. if so how is this done. If I am screwed just let me know that also. Thanks
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yes it can be. i have already done it. got to get the sims card unlock code and insert a foreign sims card and it will promt for the code. we went from att to straight talk and it didnt promt for a code. so i used mine from verizon out of my nexus and it prompted for a code. viola. power down reinsert straight talk sim card and few mins later it picked up on the 4g signal and it was off and running. now i have to deox this thing and hopfully soon we will have a recovery for it and some roms. patiently waiting though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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